Make profits not peanuts

Making money at home is a dream for most people working in the rat race. Passive income is the goal. That is very hard to achieve though and many people will never succeed at a true passive income. There are alternatives though that do require some input from yourself but pretty much guarantee that you will make money.

Matched betting is the best option for that. Matched betting is the process of using bookie bonuses to lock in a profit from free bets. Most bookies are offering free bets every day and if you are a gambler you are probably just punting these and making no money. Like most gamblers.

Matched betting is not gambling really. Yes you are placing bets but because they are layed off at the exchange there is no risk. As long as you do it correctly. The only risk is your know how. That is why I would recommend doing your matched betting with OddsMonkey. 

This will teach you everything you need to know and give you the tools to make it very simple. Even a complete beginner can get going pretty much straight away. There is a membership cost to oddsmonkey but you are going to make that back in a day with your first risk free offer.

This sounds weird and dodgy but there is nothing dodgy about it at all. It’s really simple. Let’s say a bookmaker is offering a £20 free bet for betting £20. We place our £20 free bet and then lay that bet off at the exchange. Once that settles we have won or lost at the bookie and won or lost at the exchange. There will always be 1 winner and 1 loser so we have broken even on that bet. Now though we have a £20 free bet. We can either punt it and hope for a win or be more sensible and lay this off as well to lock in a profit.

All the maths is done by the OddsMonkey software so you just need to place the bets as instructed to lock in around 80% of the value of the free bet. These free bets come thick and fast so you can start to make a lot of money when you are locking in.

This is the basics but there are a lot of other ways to exploit bookmakers offers using maths. It’s a great little hobby to get into. Enjoyable and will make you a lot of money!